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ActiveCare Staff - Physical Therapy Aides

David Huang

PT Aide

David was born in China and moved to New York City at the age of one. He enjoyed playing sports while growing up and strives to stay active. His passion for helping others through their recover process was discovered when a family member had an episode of post-operative Physical Therapy. David went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Queens College in 2017. As part of his graduation requirement, he completed an internship program with Equinox gym gaining invaluable experience in personal training and exercise programming.

David is grateful to be part of the team at ActiveCare Physical Therapy where he hopes to broaden his knowledge base, while learning about Pilates exercises, in preparation for his strength and conditioning certification. In the long term, he plans on becoming a licensed Physical Therapist. In his spare time he enjoys exercise and going to baseball games.

Bobby Show

PT Aide

Bobby Show is a native New Yorker. He comes from a big family of which he is the youngest of five. He has four sisters and six nieces and naturally became a protector growing up, striving to keep all of the females in his family safe. One thing that perplexed Bobby during this time was how the human body actually worked. He wanted to understand why and how we processed pain. This led to his interest in physical therapy and his desire to use his education to not only help his family, but everyone around him.

Bobby holds dual degrees in Psychology and Human Biology from the State University of New York at Albany. Body building is one of Bobby's favorite hobbies and he became a certified personal trainer from the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. One of his long term goals is to enter and win a bodybuilding competition. Bobby hopes that his experience as a bodybuilder will compliment his education when he enters Physical Therapy school. He believes this unique vantage point will give him a deeper understanding of the human body and muscle physiology.

Bobby is excited to join the team at ActiveCare Physical Therapy and to help as many patients as he can through their recovery process. His other hobbies include rock climbing, wrestling, and analytical conversation about books and movies.